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A quality Italian Restaurant and Bar is emerging in the heart of Manly.  Ideally located close to Manly Wharf at 16 Belgrave Street is Mare Sole.

“Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto”

Eat well, laugh often, love much


By ferry Manly is seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care.  It is a unique location between the ocean & Sydney Harbour.  Belgrave Street is fast becoming the scene in Manly with a variety of restaurants and the Grand Promenade envisaged for Manly is finally coming to fruition.

Italians have been arriving in Australia in a limited number since the last decades of the eighteenth century.


Everyone who experiences Manly enjoys a relaxed lifestyle of sea, sun and surf.  Mare Sole Ristorante Bar combines Manly’s lifestyle with Italian style, presenting delicious Italian food & beverages, especially wines in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly service.


Our team have a passion for sharing good Italian food using seasonal ingredients and quality products imported from Italy showcasing natural flavours.


Our venue accommodates locals and tourists alike, whether single, a couple or a family at Mare Sole there is something for everyone.  We are excited to share our venue with you and looking forward to offering you a memorable experience.

Nevertheless, it is only since 1869 that the country witnessed the arrival of a number of educated individuals who had left Italy for non-economic reasons, such as missionaries, musicians, artists, professionals and businesspeople


Our menu focuses on Italian foods comprising antipasti, pasta, seafood, meat dishes, gourmet pizza and of course desserts.


We bring to you the real Italian way of cooking combining seasonal ingredients and quality products from Italy, just as, has been done in past generations.  Your memorable experience at Mare Sole ristorante & bar will be just like you were in Italy.


The seaside Village of Manly is a perfect match to our seafood menu of spaghetti ai frutti di mare and fritture mista of calamari, prawns, sardines and fish.

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The antipasti of arancini in traditional tomato sauce, to freshly sliced prosciutto and creamy buffalo mozzarella is the perfect way to begin your meal.  Our pasta dishes will fulfil the best of appetites,  our pizzas are topped with the traditional ingredients as you would in Italy.


Our wines, beer & cocktails are predominately from Italy & have been carefully selected from boutique wineries to complement your dining enjoyment.


Mare Sole ristorante is a great place to catch up with friends over a pizza and birra.  We have ready on tap, Italy’s number one premium birra, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a crisp & refreshing lager with unmistakable character or you may want to try another Italian beer less known about, Menabrea. It is a well-balanced beer with full flavour and a distinctive light colour.

In 1881, over 200 foreign immigrants, of whom a considerable number were Italians from Northern Italy, arrived in Sydney.


A quality Italian Restaurant and Bar is emerging in Manly Beach, the heart of Northern Beaches.

Located at 16 Belgrave Street you can mix tradition and convenience to your diner, a good coffee to your day or a simple catch up with your friends.

Offering original italian food Mare Sole Ristorante & Bar brings the tradition of family celebration followed by good food and beverages, (specially Wines) to your table in a all renovated and traditional venue.

We are excited to share with you the big news and looking forward to offer to our customers a memorable experience.

Ever since Italians migrated to Australia and introduced us to spaghetti bolognese and pizza, Australians have embraced this wonderful, satisfying cuisine and it is now firmly woven into our national culinary culture.

We’re not alone in our love of Italian food, though

– it’s one of the most popular and widely adopted cuisines the world over.


Espresso, caffè normale, cappuccino; sometimes it seems that there are as many types of coffee in Italy as there are pastas. And just like pasta, Italian coffee is an art form with many customs and traditions. Whether it's a caffè corretto thrown back like a shot, a cappuccino and brioche for breakfast, or a granita di caffè con panna to cool off from the hot midday sun, in Italy there is a coffee drink specific for every time and mood.


When ordering an after-dinner coffee, do not ask for an espresso, ask for "un caffè, per favore."

For Italians, cooking and sharing food is no less than a way of life


Above all, Italians believe in simplicity and respect for good produce, so some of the most beloved dishes of Italians comprise just a few simple ingredients, carefully selected and served at their prime.

Cheese and wine are a major part of the cuisine, as is coffee, particularly espresso.


 " Italian cuisine by the sea "

16 Belgrave Street, Manly. NSW - Australia


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